My “Must Do” List

  1. I am grateful for the clear sky this morning. Meditation under the stars is always wonderful.
  2. I am grateful my energy is restored! Welcome back! Such is the beauty of exercise, especially a great cardio session.
  3. I am grateful the snow is quickly melting! Did I already mention this? It’s worth repeating.
  4. I am grateful I am able to turn my “mistakes” in my paintings into the perfect touch that the painting actually needed. Love how that always turns out.
  5. I am grateful I had the notion to move my studio to the living room. It really feels much better – it feels right. Looking forward to getting the furniture moved out!

I’ve been wanting to do my life’s “Must Do” list. I dislike “Bucket List” much like I dislike “hustle” – just rubs me the wrong way. Below are my top 20 things I must do, and then by tomorrow I will pick the top five to focus on first.  Here I go! (in no particular order of preference):

  • Travel to Fiji (Friends to meet in person! Scuba diving!).
  • Travel to Australia (Dive the Great Barrier Reef!).
  • Travel to New Zealand (Just because!).
  • Travel to Hawaii (Another tropical island – no explanation needed!).
  • Travel to Iceland (thermal springs! Northern Lights!).
  • Travel to Japan (more thermal springs! Bamboo forests!).
  • Travel to Italy (Food, food, and more food! Ancient ruins!).
  • Travel to Greece (More ancient ruins! The Mediterranean Sea!).
  • Travel to Africa (Wildlife! Visit baby elephants in an orphanage! Possibly never leave!).
  • Travel back to the Cook Islands (Truly stunning islands – may never leave here too! I’ll travel between here and Africa! J).
  • Travel to more Caribbean Islands (Why not?!)
  • Update our current house to get it into selling-shape as quick as possible (A magic wand would come in handy for this.).
  • Live mortgage-free someplace warm with a low cost-of-living. Place must be recently renovated, beautiful, with a great outdoor space, ample privacy, and within a great/safe neighborhood. It exists somewhere!
  • Learn to make a perfect French baguette.
  • Learn to make pasta. I’m WAY overdue for this one.
  • Hold a baby panda!
  • Visit every Canyon Ranch Spa (Seriously, it’s a heavenly place.).
  • Spend a Christmas in Colorado with family.
  • Sell my art to major resorts and spas. Private clients also welcomed!
  • Live in absolute abundant financial freedom! Wheeeeeee! How great it would be!

Today is a great day! It will flow smoothly from one segment to the next. I am happy. I am wide awake, refreshed, and rejuvenated! I am full of abundant energy! Okay, trying these previous two affirmations on for size each morning instead of saying how tired/exhausted I am. It’s gotta work, right?

Peace, love, happiness, and harmony always.

Run and jump
Run and jump! Because as Hillel the Elder said, “If not now, when?”

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