Yesterday I received good news from my orthopedic doctor – no more crutches! Yay! But I still cannot do anything weight-bearing for the moment. I go Thursday for an ultrasound injection into the hip to ease the residual pain I am having (which is from the labrum not the fracture, which he said is healed at this point). Onward & upward! So excited to really being moving forward with this injury. It’s been a complete drain on me physically and mentally.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon doing art – it was wonderful. Started a new larger painting and embarking on a larger colored pencil drawing. The drawing will be a real test of my patience, but I am determined to master it.

Spring isn’t far away now! Woo hoo! I feel a tremendous amount of positive energy at the moment. It’s going to be a great month of progress.

Short and sweet this morning as I have a lot to catch up on with the day job. Peace, love, happiness and harmony always.


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