I am grateful for the life I have – every moment of it. I am grateful to have a sound mind, one that is filled with love, peace, and harmony. I am grateful to see the good through the bad, the beautiful through the ugly, the right over the wrong. I am grateful to be able to not succumb to the fear, anger, rage that is consuming so many here in this country, in this world.

I decided yesterday to unplug from Twitter for awhile because it’s become a cesspool of fear, anxiety, and an abundance of negativity. Granted, I can control what I look at and have done a pretty good job of cleaning up who I follow, but the ugliness still seems to trickle in regardless. I am not denying what is happening in this country, but putting focus on so much negativity sends my stress levels through the roof. My anxiety puts me on edge and my depression demons attempt to storm back – and I refuse to let this happen. I think what gets me distressed more than those blindly following a fascist are those who have given up hope on progress and good overcoming evil. The ones crying, “The end is near!” and “All hope is lost!” I simply cannot be around this. I cannot tolerate this. Don’t just sit around telling everyone how fucked we are – do something about it. But ultimately, I need to care for my well-being above all else.

I’m usually not this “ranty”, but it’s been eating at me this past week. There is no progress if you live in fear. There is no progress if you hold no hope. My hope is that anyone reading this will kick fear to the curb and embrace positive progress for themselves and for all.

Peace, love, happiness and harmony always.

See the Light
See the light – let it guide the way.

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