The Comfort and Restriction of Safety.

The Comfort and Restriction of Safety.

I am grateful for the great workouts from the past few days. It feels SO good to be getting back to normal. I am grateful for the vibrant sunrise this morning, grateful I am able to witness such perfection. I am grateful for the bit of spring cleaning accomplished this week. Lifting dirt from out-of-reach places and clearing clutter does wonders for clearing the mind. I am grateful to live a drama-free life. I see others around me live lives that resemble the worst daytime soap opera or Jerry Springer episode and I am SO thrilled to be distant from all of it. Peace and harmony rule my life. And I am grateful my vegetable plant seedlings are kicking ass! 🙂 So excited to plant them in May.

Seedlings ready to rock! 

Since letting go of the ambitious desire to create my own business I have been feeling more relaxed. But yesterday I started feeling the flutters again of still missing out on something. It’s this elusive “something” that has been picking at me for years now. That feeling that “something” is missing. But what? I’ve asked the universe numerous times to show me what this something is, and I haven’t arrived to a conclusive answer yet. When thinking about what I want to do with myself, the desire to volunteer for wildlife conservation always lights me up, yet trying to figure out the when and how leaves me standing still. I really have a strong urge to travel for a year just volunteering around the world – the elephant sanctuaries in Indonesia and the elephant orphanages in Africa are at the top of the list. I would also love to help with coral reef conservation, perhaps in Fiji. So what’s stopping me? Truth is – nothing. There is no true barrier preventing me from doing this other than the excuse that I have a mortgage to care about and a good job that may or may not be waiting for me when I return. Both are abundantly poor excuses though. I only have this one life, and a passionately strong urge to not regret NOT doing something for the sake of being safe. Safe is comforting at times, but also completely restrictive as well. Safe keeps you from taking the risks that will satisfy your soul. Safe keeps you from experiencing life at its fullest. Safe keeps you from achieving dreams. I want to embrace a baby elephant – and I will! I want to help older orphan elephants in their daily lives – and I will! I want to see this world and breath it in deeply – and I will.

When will I do these things? Soon.

Today is a great day! I am focused. I am happy. I am energized. Peace, love, happiness and harmony always.